Rainbow Mansion is an intentional community of driven, international, passionate, and socially conscious people trying to change the world.



Rainbow Mansion, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a 5,000 square foot commune of people who strive to change the world. The whole idea of the place is that residents aspire to something more than a day job. Our current seven residents come from five countries, and include employees of Google, NASA, Apple, various startups, and grad students from Stanford.

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The house is centered around a dining room and library of a few thousand books where we host regular salons - open discussions about everything from privacy vs. freedom of information to open vs. closed source to politics, religion and philosophy. We also have regular talks and presentations by people working on unique projects, cool startups or studying interesting topics.

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In the garage, we have a bio lab and workshop. Several start-ups began in the Rainbow Mansion garage, including OpenROV: a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration and adventure through remote control submarines, and Cosmogia: a satellite company developing systems to provide universal access to information about the changing Earth, its environment, and its people.



Member of an European royal family, Vanesa decided to drop her luxury life and move to California to live in a humble mansion. She works full time for a startup about cucumber fuel research.


Junior intern at Planet Labs. Tasks: coffee brewer and photocopy machine expert.


Currently the youngest successful applicant for an expedition to the International Space Station, and marked for one of the first trips to mars. Born in Buckingham palace with a silver spoon, Jamie, 3rd in line to the throne, successfully completed a degree in Meme studies and completed a PhD in advanced Doge mechanics.


Originally from the Ukraine, Jeremy, an ex soviet engineer, is currently a cleaner at Google’s Rails campus. Much like Matt damon, in good will hunting, he tends to adjust and correct equations he sees on the walls. However not always for the better. After making financial decisions based on some of Jeremy's botched calculations google was recently forced to rebrand itself as “alphabet” after a catastrophically poor investment in Bitcoin.


Hacker from Anonymous


Born in Hawaii and professor of surfology.

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Occasionally we have openings for new residents. Come join a passionate, fun, and socially conscious community of makers, thinkers, and friends. We have a vision of a house that is a real community, where cooking and dinner parties are frequent, where the common space is used for brainstorming, philosophizing, and collaborating, where we all have different skills and ideas to bring to the discussions, and where we are all passionate about doing good work! Please complete our questionnaire and send an email to: 'therainbowmansion@gmail.com' to show your interest in being part of the Rainbow family.

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Questions? Interested in giving a talk at Rainbow Mansion? Want to say "hi"? Feel free to send us an email at therainbowmansion@gmail.com

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